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Hey People,

Happy new year! I am soooo expectant this year, it’s unreal 🙂

It’s that time of the year, when everyone sets goals. Back in Dec 2014, I began to ponder upon my goals for the year 2015. One of which was my spiritual goals for the year. I wanted to study the bible more, and i wanted to study something new and fresh. As I pondered on the changes I will like to make to ensure that i’m growing in the Lord, I began to read the book of Revelation, and my goals for the New Year and what God will have me study and pray became crystal clear.

Before 2015, the book of revelation was not my favourite book to read, however, I felt the Holy Spirit asking me to take a step of faith and he will guide me as i study. I still have not finished studying the book of revelation, i have been studying the book of revelation, verse by verse and i am currently on Chapter 17. However studying the book of Revelation has totally changed me, it’s changed my perspective of the world such that i had premonitions about Brexit and Trump winning,before it happened, I shared this amongst friends, and off the back of these revelations, i have been invited to a few churches to share the word of God. The truth of the matter is that you can chart the future of politics and the economies of the world from the bible, each time i listen to the news, it’s a confirmation of what is already in the bible.

I will like to take you on the journey of studying the book of revelation, it’s pretty exciting. When you study the book of revelation, you will come to the understanding that God is truly the director of affairs on earth. You will understand that even the re-shuffle of governments is fulfilling prophecy, you will identify prophecies in the news, you will understand that things do not just happen and that we are coming to the end of the world and drawing closer to the establishment of Christ’s kingdom. The book of revelation is a reminder that Jesus is coming back soon, and it outlines all the events before and after His second coming.

Also, i have found my purpose as a member of the body of Christ, by studying the book of revelation. Jesus is coming back for one church, he is the programme manager(the head of the church) and we are his project team (the church). As I studied the book of revelation, I began to realize I needed to change my priorities and deposit more into my eternal life. I began to realize that my role and position here on earth is temporary. It dawned on me that we are simply role-playing here on earth; and that people’s character and deeds are simply a bid for heavenly positions. You may be a butler here on earth, which is temporal, however, your character and deeds here on earth, may entitle you to occupy a heavenly position of a ruler, which is permanent. Like Myles Munroe said true success is finding out your purpose and completing it.

The book of revelation is the only book in the bible that promises a blessing to those who read, hear and keep what is written in it. it’s the only book in the bible that links the Old Testament, the New Testament, with our era of Christianity and the things to come in the future.Come on the ride with me and invite your friends along, let’s explore the book of revelation together.

I leave you with this scripture in Rev1:3, it says

“Blessed is the one who reads aloud the words of this prophecy, and blessed are those who hear, and who keep what is written in it, for the time is near.”

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  1. NIB 2 years ago

    This is wonderful. I look forward to the study. Thank you

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